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The Remedy

A Contact Improv Community Exchange

1-13 August, Barcelona


“Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done.  Arms to hold us when we falter.  A circle of healing.  A circle of friends.  Someplace where we can be free.” ~ Starhawk

    Whether locked down in the big city, separated from loved ones, or deprived of intimacy and loving touch, many people have had challenging experiences, the earth has taken a moment’s respite, and these strange times have given pause for thought.   

    The Remedy is an un-conference style event of Embodied Creativity, Improvisation, Dance and CI. It has two different parts. The first, a 3-day silent retreat focussing on the self and providing time for introspection. The second an exchange revolving around community – the collaborative exploration of embodied creativity and  the building of relations. We offer a simple daily structure for all participants to co-create, improvise, organise, play and dance to our hearts desire.

    This Remedy is an exchange between dancers and movers well rooted in the above mentioned fields, who are interested in community, and wish to share in deep creative research. It is not a place for curious souls with little experience.

    What remedy would you like to offer to support our individual and collective evolution in these worrying times?

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From Contact Improvisation to Performance with Ramon Roig

From the 13th to the 16th of August

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Taller de creación

Toda creación escénica va ligada al deseo de compartir. Compartir una sensación, una idea, una visión que nos parece importante, esencial e incluso reveladora…

Trabajaremos sobre aspectos tácticos y técnicos de la improvisación, creando códigos de intercambio claros y estimulantes con el otro, para termira construiendo pequeñas escenas improvisadas que recrearemos en espacios singulares de la naturaleza.

Exploring the Relational Body

and sharing creative practices

We are sprouting a multidiciplinary arts and cultural centre to disseminate artistic practices and research with the Relational Body as a central focus.

The centre is managed by the Vidalia intentional community and integral housing coop.

It is located in the Cultural heritage site of the old Textile mill and company town Cal Vidal in the Berguedà district, an hour from Barcelona.

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Proposals? Questions?

Vidalia's calendar


– Dance Lab: Training, internal expression and collective creation

(2019 – 2020)

Call to start a an stable group of research and creation in movement that can be support and support Vidal’s project and that can be projected as a companion-laboratory.
Monthly meetings

Commitment of assistance and comanagement of the group

Previous experience in movement and perosnal growth

– Touch&Play Project

(From 2019 to the present day)

Touch&Play is a movement that provides safe and inspirational spaces to deep in the culture of concent, embodyed artistic practices and sensual exploration.

The festivals provides an immersive community experience with daytime intensives, workshops and offerings and evening events exploring our relationship to ourselves and each other through movement, art, touch, kink, dance and nature.

– Cultural and artistic programming in Vidalia

(From 2017 to the present day)

Monthly we organise Open day in Vidalia. In the morning we have the open working day. After lunch we have a presentation of the project and a tour on the land. After there is some cultural event.

We also organise concerts, events, parties, workshoops… during the year.


Photos: Marc A. Fotografia. Moni and Krishna as models.

Photos: Anna Maynard and Touch&Play






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